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Marriage Matters

“How can husbands help wives be more open and receptive to their sexual advances?”

Yesterday, I was listening to a segment by one of my favorite Bible teachers, Priscilla Shirer. Her segment was on, “What Women Wished Their Husbands Knew”. It was such a great discussion and many of the points the women discussed were invaluable to a healthy marriage. I’ve written about many before, but never about this specific question above, yet, boy is it an important one.

Do you know what the women interviewed said the number one overarching thing was? Kindness.

A man who is gentle, kind, and helpful is a man who attracts a woman’s heart. This type of man is one who doesn’t speak harsh words to his wife, but gentle words. This type of man is also one who genuinely cares to help; he turns off the TV and helps his wife with the dishes because he wants to lighten her load. He understands what it means to be a servant and sees that as a part of his responsibility as her husband. A man who cares for a woman’s heart with love and kindness is a man who will stir something in his wife’s heart and he won’t regret it.

So guys, try it out. Be consistent, make it a habit and don’t just do it a couple times. Make this a priority.

Marriage Matters. I truly believe a healthy marriage, leads to healthy families, which produces healthy kids.

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