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Andrea is a 2011 graduate of Northern Seminary where she received her Masters in Divinity.  She has extensive experience speaking in churches, planning women’s retreats, is a featured speaker on and has also had the chance to speak to women in India. Speaking to women is not only Andrea's greatest passion in this life but also the calling God has placed on her life.  Andrea would love to speak at your next women's event.  

Let's be real, sometimes life is just overwhelming.  Andrea understands. As a woman who walked through more than one health crisis, infertility, a miscarriage, being a mom of a special needs child, and wife to a handsome man in the Army she knows what it's like when life is too much.  

Because of her own journey, Andrea has the unique ability to connect with so many women and moms who are just overwhelmed by life to help them find hope, healing, and renewed strength in Jesus. Truly,

He is enough. 

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Andrea spoke at our church's first Women's Conference and she was absolutely amazing! Not only did she have a clear love and passion for serving our Lord, but she was eager to share His Word and grow our faith in Him. She tied in her personal experiences as a wife, mother, and Christian along with Biblical teachings and was able to connect personally with many of the women in the room. Some of the feedback we got back from the women who attended the conference said: -Andrea did an amazing job and I feel really touched us all and brought us closer as women. -Andrea's topic was excellent! -The morning speaker was wonderful! -The highlight of the conference was the speaker, Andrea. She was amazing!  -Leah Jungles, Cornerstone Ministries, Women's Ministry Leader

Andrea has a tremendously winsome relationship with our Lord, Jesus. As a young mother and minister who has had significant trials, she inspires you with her energy, laughter, joy and authentic faith. Andrea is a great communicator. You find yourself laughing, crying and filled with hope! She is an excellent speaker and retreat leader.  -Dr. Karen Walker-Freeburg, Northern Seminary

She is a fabulous speaker. Very light hearted, funny, knowledgeable and really expresses her love for the Lord. After hearing her speak, I immediately booked her to come to my church. Great lady, great speaker, loving personality and above all a great asset for the Lord.  -Leslie Gregory, Retreat Planner, First Baptist Greenfield

Andrea is a dynamic speaker who speaks honestly and biblically. Her presentations are engaging, insightful, and always point the audience to Jesus. She has a special gift for reaching women. Her Bible-based teaching is authentic, and she encourages her audience with humor and heart. -Kirsten Pratt, Retreat Attendee, First Baptist Church

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1. "I've Had Enough" - In 1 Kings 19  Elijah, exhausted and weary, runs into the desert and wants to die. He's had enough.  Sometimes, we get to a place of exhaustion and weariness too because of all the pains and difficulties of life.  Perhaps we've recently walked through a divorce, have a "prodigal" child, or have a sick child and we've "had enough". Elijah kept going and so will we, nourished by God and supported by His people. 

2."Parenting is Hard"  - Here we compare and contrast Hannah's parenting with Eli's parenting in 1 Sam 1-3.  Hannah had to make some hard choices in her parenting, but she was blessed for her obedience.  Eli made some bad choices in his parenting and his family reaped the consequences of that.  In this lesson, I encourage women to do the hard thing as Hannah did.  There is blessing for us as parents and our children as we choose obedience to the Lord.

3."The Barbie Life"  - Here we look at the Shunnamite woman found in 2 Kings 4 and 8.  Her life seemed so "perfect", but she had a secret desire of her heart, one she had buried.  Her story is one of great pain, but also great redemption.  As women, we are often tempted to portray a life that's just not realistic, but sometimes so much happens in our life that it begins to unravel and our mask has to go down.  This woman found rescue from the Lord and through it all God used her story of pain to save her.  

4. "Growing in Christ"- Here we look at Matthew Ch.13:1-9, and 18-23 to learn about what hinders our growth in Christ and how to live a life that bears fruit as a fully surrendered follower of Jesus Christ. We may not even be aware of what's hindering us or sadly even care.  In this message, Andrea challenges women to just be real with God and each other finding strength from Him and support through His people to walk in deeper freedom with Christ. 
5. "The Beauty of Biblical Headship"-  Here we look at Ephesians 5:21-31and Genesis Ch. 2 to learn about God's design and desire for a husband to be the head and how we as wives can support our husbands in this God-given role. We will also talk about what headship means and doesn't mean to dispell some misconceptions to bring even greater life to our marriages. The relationship between a husband and a wife should be one of great beauty and a true expression of the Gospel to the world. 

6. Personalized - Andrea would love to talk with you about the possibility of creating an original message just for your ladies. 


Peoria, IL

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