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A Thriving Husband

Last night, on our date, Michael and I talked a little about the time when I was sick and how hard that was for him to watch me. Yet, we also talked about the good things which came because of it. You see, I’m that type A, take charge alpha female and without me knowing it early in our marriage I was deflating my husband because of my take charge “know better” attitude. It was the perfect storm for a take charge overly confident girl and a sensitive gentle man.

When I got sick I spent a lot of time on the sidelines (on a couch really). I did not have the energy to be that take charge girl. This allowed my husband to step up, and in that time the Lord showed me my motives in taking charge and it was driven by pride. I am still a take charge kinda girl, but one who has been humbled and understands the importance of humility and building my husband up in my marriage. I got to see my husband blossom into the confident man and leader I’ve always known was there. I just had to get (well Jesus did really) the ole pride out of the way to make that happen.

The smile I saw on my husbands face last night as he talked about the confidence he’s gained since then, whew, that is a win. So girls, find ways you can build your man up, and pray a bold prayer of, God show me my pride and the ways I can pour into my husband. It doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves, no, I still have the same personality, it’s just been redeemed some and that’s a real good thing.

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