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Feeling Like An Unanswered Prayer

Have you ever felt like you're an unanswered prayer?

In light of my chest discomfort returning this thought has been running through my mind. I know it's not true though. it's just a stinky smelly lie.

Now, I could fixate on this ONE issue, but then I'd miss the grandeur story of God's grace in my life. So, in the face of this lie, I think two things are so important. One is healthy self-reflection and the other is understanding what God's Word says.

Healthy self-reflection is so important. Let's be real, if it wasn't for God's gift of modern medicine and amazing doctors I wouldn't be alive. When I was 11 I had a heart the size of an adult male. My doctor told me I probably would've been playing basketball a few years later and just collapsed from my heart bursting.

Also, when I had my pacemaker put in 7 years ago after progressively getting worse and worse without any answers the Lord led me to a doctor who knew exactly what I needed. Right before I got my pacemaker put in I was experiencing palpitations, dizziness, passing out, shortness of breath, etc.. Now, because of my pacemaker I don't have those issues and I was able to have a child and give birth naturally.


Boy, is that important.

God's Word also reminds me that prayers aren't always answered the way we hoped:

1. Because as in the case of Lazarus it brings more people to belief in Jesus (John 11:45). My hope is that someone learns my story of pain with the infertility, a miscarriage, health crises, spiritual warfare, having an autistic child, and a husband in the Army and they will believe in Jesus because of the testimony of my faith through suffering.

2. Also, at other times it can be for the protection of others. This is what happened in the case of Jesus' death on the cross. Remember when He asked God in the Garden of Gethsemane for some other way than His death on the cross? Yet, through Jesus' death, life came available to all (Matt. 26:39).

3. Let's not forget all the character development which happens as we choose to believe God even when we don't get everything we'd hoped for from Him. As we persevere in faith God develops the character of His Son in us and that will bring us greater freedom, joy, and hope. (Rom. 5:3-5)

Beloved, you're not an unanswered prayer. We can trust our Father with the broken pieces of our hearts and lives. He knows what He's doing and is worthy to be praised.

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